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Convenience For All

Accepting online payments offers convenience for your customers while ensuring you’re paid faster. Create invoices, connect to Stripe, and collect payments without the hassle of establishing a merchant account. Start immediately and enjoy robust reporting features to help your business effectively.

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Get Paid in Minutes, Not Weeks

Ditch the paper invoicing process and offer direct payment options on your invoices. Your customers will appreciate the convenience, and you’ll receive payments faster and more reliably.

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Flexible Ways to Pay and Get Paid

SlateBoarding easily integrates with Stripe, allowing your contacts to pay using their preferred method and giving you complete control over your invoicing workflow.

Optimize Your Invoicing

A Single Interface Does It All

Design custom forms, autofill invoices with contact information, and share documents with a single click. Manage and view account data from your dashboard, generate reports, and track your business relationships over time.

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Explore Additional Features

Custom Forms and Templates

Stop recreating the wheel. Create unlimited templates, forms, and questionnaires, and store them for repeated use.

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Sign and Manage Documents

Send documents for signature, get fast estimate approval, and securely manage them in the cloud with ease.

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Invoice and Get Paid

Stay on top of your schedule with Calendly and Google Calendar integrations to ensure your appointments and meetings run smoothly

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